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I was showing Andrea a funny wall-to-wall conversation from Facebook, and she reacted with surprise that I have close, nay, best friends prior to Singapore. Which is funny – how I separate friends from good friends is when my mother knows their name, and good friends from best friends is when my father knows their existence. Yes, a bit impractical a guide for some time now since most of my social network never cross paths with my parents.

I thought about it (yeah, that surprised me too… how female of me) – the individuals people tend to think to be my best mates tend to be different from my own take. I guess, for me, friends generally stay friends in the situation they became friends. The few that stick around after… well, those I treasure more.

What surprises me is that some of my best friends aren’t people I was exceedingly close to. A lot of them started out as friends-of-friends in fact (and a few, significant-others-of-friends). This generally makes the whole best-friends bit quite random. Not to say I don’t try to keep in touch with close friends, but it is kinda a two way process.

Oh, I’ll stop here.

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