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To bring you up to speed

  • I screwed up horribly in one midterm, and two more to go! And I can’t force myself to do anything resembling studying.
  • Lately I’ve turn excessively obsessive compulsive in terms of cleanliness. I have no idea. It started out that way and it seems excessively difficult to knock it out. I mean, when you’re supposed to be studying, mopping the house for the third time in the past week *is not helping*.
  • In fact, OCD has spread elsewhere. I opened my Hotmail inbox for the first time in three billion years and trimmed 270+ emails in my inbox to one. And now Hotmail has folders!
  • One of the things next week, though, I’m planning to do is to transition my Windows Live to my GMail email address. Or vice versa. I hate it when people email my Hotmail account assuming that my Windows Live email is the one I check.
  • Though the amount of things I want to do next week–my “holidays”–is incredibly long. So. Long. This term is going mad.
  • Though the only non-maddening subject this term is Intro to Psych. I like Psych – probably enough to chance second-majors from Pol Sci to Psych. I mean, I only really, really like 25% of my Pol Sci mods (granted, two are more history mods, and one is a really, really pointless intro mod I’m taking this term to graduate).
  • I’ve been stress cooking. I’ve been inviting random people to my place (Claire, yes, your turn will come soon).
  • But so far only Jason, Karl and Andrea showed up. But it was funny, Andrea: “Rajan, I want to marry you”. Karl: “Hey, we should find a place together next term”. Jason: “Nope, I have first dips on him!”
  • Though oddly enough, Jason’s mom disapproves of me. 😦 Actually, I think after last term seeing my house/room in the dirtiest as dirty could be, he was more of, “Yes! Wooh! That was a close one” when his mom said no.
  • Almost two years in Singapore, I’m coming to realize though that I can never choose my housemates. It all has been randomly assigned by the cruel, cruel universe.
  • Though, once, said universe threw me a bone and I got good housemates! Then I got evicted. The universe laughed, “This is better than giving him crappy flatmates – good flatmates followed immediately after by the worst of them all! Mwuahaha”.
  • Oh, and I’m broke (partially due to stress cooking).

Update: Backgrounder; me and Jason and I are not gay together. It just sounds that way. Haha.

Update II: Or for that matter, I and Karl gay. Or Andrea and I together. Gosh, what is wrong with you people. (On the Jason bit, his family’s are overseas, he has an extra room, he wants, rather, wanted, to rent it out – thats all).

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