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Yesterday I considered changing my Facebook network from “Malaysia” to “Singapore” to reflect the fact all of my new close friends are here, in Singapore. But then again, maybe not.

Maybe Singapore would be just a mere aberration in my life. At least I hope so. And as much as I get used to the culture here, I don’t think I would ever want to become “Singaporean”. Take supper for example (or “mamak” in Malaysia-speak). Back home, it rarely, rarely takes less than an hour. In Singapore, supper, except with the stated (not implied) aim of spending hours talking, lasts as long as it takes to finish eating.

Or strangely enough, movies. I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of people going out just to watch a movie and go separate ways immediately after. I mean, the only time it wasn’t like that here was when I watched a movie with my American ex-housemate and his Australian friend.

In fact, things over here seems pretty focused. If you say, “Hey, let’s go eat supper” – it usually means just that. I remember during Crusade’s orientation camp, we were going to eat tau huay for supper – but the gate at the church we were bunking in closes at 12am. It was 11pm. I was like, “Isn’t it too late?” Blank stares were returned.

But I like the idea of tau fu fa (or tau huay to Singaporeans, beancurd to the rest of you) as a supper food.

P.S. If any new close friends are reading this – Claire, that means you – you guys would always be my close friends even if I am planning to jump at the first opportunity to bolt. And it is not as if I want to return to Malaysia definitely. It is just that right now, despite being long-time out of culture shock, I think Malaysia trumps Singapore – speaking of culture.

P.P.S But based on the many foreigners I know in Singapore, that aspect of Malaysia is no where near unique to Malaysia. I guess Malaysia would always have a place in my heart (god, that sounds so emo) but it’s (to quote a line from Gubra) like loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

Update: Maybe there’s a point. I mean, I’ve watched more movies (in cinemas) in Singapore on average than in Malaysia. And go out supper way, way, way more often than in Malaysia. If your primary aim is to watch a movie or eat, you’re set.



  1. 1. I’ve asked you out for supper a bajillion times! But it’s always a) no response, b)I lost my handphone or c) I’m studying! Talk about rejection. Man, it was just a “friend, I’m hungry and tau hway is good for the skin thing”. No more complaints about a lack of supper-suppers!
    2. It’s good you love your country. You HAVE to take us there one day – that means me and PL and maybe some of the others…ESPECIALLY for gula melaka tau hway! *dream* OH! And horseriding…and kelong fishing…and that half price swensens Earthquake you keep telling me about. Week 8 maybe? 🙂

  2. Claire, haha. 1) It’s different… haha. Trust me. If I take you guys to KL, I’ll make sure you guys go out supper Malaysian style – I’ll recruit my cell group just for that effect.

    2) Haha, not Week 8…. I’m going back to vote on Week 9, so I decided to stay for Week 8 and finish up my 4 term papers. Or kick myself in Week 9 for not attempting to even start any of those four term papers.

  3. Rajan, I sometimes think your blog is calculated to make me homesick – you know damn well that having spent 90% of my life in Singapore and Malaysia combined, writing about life in one and/or both will make me think of what I’m missing out on. Damn, I have such a huge craving for mamak food now.

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