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I have this smug believe that Malaysian ad’s generally are much better than Singaporean ones. I mean, Singapore (well, largely, Raintree) may whoop us in movies, and Channel 8 produces good shows, but we rule when it comes to ads.

Like this:

The words says, “I’m free… in my own world, I’m free… with my modest life, I’m free… in a new phase of my life, I’m free… when the boss is not around, I’m free… around the next generation, I’m free… when I’m done with work early. Whatever your definition of “free/independence”, one things for certain. Without independence before, there won’t be independence now. I’m free. Closer in your own way”.

Singapore would never have this. It would be too individualistic for them. My favourite is this:

Politically very daring. Festive ads:

Or, plain corporate commercials:



  1. Haha, watching these ads makes me homesick.

  2. It does, doesn’t it? Haha. I discovered South African ads are better though. And my claims New Zealand ads are to die for. Like, while laughing.

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