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2007 was the only year I made resolutions on New Year’s Eve itself. Seeing how an unmitigated disaster that year has been, I decided to think through my resolutions for 2008.

  1. Lose weight: notably absent in 2007, now back with vengeance. I have my exercise plan and diet plan down, and closely going to build myself to going to the gym six times weekly. Original, pre-sprained neck plan was to ween myself off alcohol for a month, keep off the liquids for half a year (save March 2, a national holiday) and slowly reintegrate it as I get fitter.
    Post-neck sprain with alcohol-hating drugs, I’ve been alcohol free for, uhm, 14-days now. Sadness. (I’m not alcoholic, btw – never been drunk. Just like drinking. Selectively). After 20 baht beers were gone, sobriety was surprisingly easy.
  2. Internships: Going to push real hard for this. No concrete plans. At all. Story of my life. I do have a plan for internship money, and it relates to rewards for accomplishing #1.
  3. Well, I’m saving money for a gynecomastia-removal surgery. Can’t be done any other way. It serves as a dual-incentive structure – for me to lose weight and for me to do the surgery (I’m hospitals-adverse). Funny how my mind works. But my gynecomastia stop being a point of mental torture for me – now it is more of some medical annoyance. Can’t really describe it.
  4. I’ve planned to sacrifice my debating for internships this summer. Just recently decided to try out anyway, in case I can accommodate both. But beyond summer, I’m more of aiming at Worlds – I want to go to Cork, and I want to kick ass. I know my weaknesses and already working to fix it. Academically-speaking, no goals.

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