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I’ve been delaying this for some time, but what better time than insomnia time? 2006 before was, for the most part, characteristically good. Got bad STPM results – yes, but got into a highly selective school. A huge amount of regret thrown in for good measure, but hindsight in 20/20, so I’m not beating myself too much over it. The important bit is that 2006 ended on a high note: new friends, a great new place to stay and for the first time in years some semblance of academic success (I was well within magna cum laude). Best of all, 2006 ended with new friends in one of the best New Years parties (that involved no countdowns, no alcohol and no loud music) I’ve been too.

2007 was horrible on so many counts. Not to say nothing good came out of it – I had two RA-ships, bunch of good friends, good courses, etc. – the bad was overwhelming. Academically, I tanked. I don’t know why. I really don’t know. I tried really hard. Perhaps too hard. 2006 I didn’t even try that hard (revision week was largely spent watching Channel 5).

Debating, the good was that I went for two international competitions, the bad was for the earlier one, it was for the lack of anyone else wanting to try and for the latter, the gap between non-freshmen and freshmen (the prior counted exactly the number of spaces available). I’m a good debater. At least I think I am. But I didn’t exactly do my best in these two vital competitions (oh, fine, I did win some, but I didn’t win a lot more). Socially, while I gain some new friends in Singapore, a lot of my friends back home seemed relegated to “old friends” – closing in my social circle.

Worse, it ended on a horrible note – to a weird pair of DJs in Bangkok’s Siam City Park (ask any Worlds participant the tune of the “Happy New Year, Happy New Year…” song). 2006 ended with me having a great place and a huge increase of friends plus a huge measure of academic success – 2007 ended with me being in a horribly sucky place, a regression socially and a severe, painful, heart-wrenching drop academically – and debating was not much of a saving grace.

If 2006 I got by with blind luck, 2007 the luck reversed itself. The irony is that all my resolutions (save reading the bible through and through) was met. 2007 was the year of detailed and realistic planning and rather good executions of it. 2008 would be of 2006-like neglect. Hopefully, with 2005-like happiness to boot. Gosh, I miss 2004.


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