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  • Week 2 and I’m already burning the midnight oil, struggling to finish my readings about brains. Yes, brains. You would think you dodge that bullet by avoiding med school and going to a management university.
  • Worlds (World Universities Debating Championship) was a running disaster, but I learned a lot and ready to go back and kick ass.
  • But Assumption Worlds was horrible: bad schedules, scant Thai food (criminal!), assumption that Hainanese chicken rice=Thai food (awful).
  • Competition was a white-wash (hee hee hee). Motions kinda sucked – “This house would assassinate Vladimir Putin now“. Opp-weighted motion? Really?
  • Before that was World University Peace Invitational Debate: didn’t debate, but adjudicated some rounds. Fresh insight into ang moh adj-ing – persuasion counts. A lot. They aren’t like Singaporean adjudicators (God bless their souls) who re-debate the debate. They take arguments at face value.
  • But I split wine on the new Worlds Council Chair, Neil Harvey Smith. Erm.
  • Ivan Ah Sam (who is 1/8th Chinese) knows my name. Good.
  • Jess Lopez doesn’t. Bad.
  • Christmas was good. Wished I had more sleep the night before.
  • Must apply for Frequent Traveller’s Pass. Makes Causeway-life easier
  • Plans for the next few weeks: write essay for St Gallen, join Bain & Co case competition, consider whether to debate this term, sob unceasingly in a fetal position come Week 7.

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  1. You forgot that I’m moving back… which changes everything. 🙂

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