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So on my RMSS (Research Methods of Social Science) midterms, I was sick. But being a dickhead I am, I decided not to take an MC and instead do the damn test. Which was fine except that I didn’t transfer my MCQ answers to the answer script. Now, I would have realized that had I gone for the midterm exam paper viewing, if it did not clash with two different classes I had. Of course, I found out during the finals when the prof made a passing remark that I should make sure I fill in all the MCQ answers.

But by then, apparently it is too late. Her TA’s argued passionately that it would be plain unfair if they mark from the answers written down in the question paper (which was attached to the answer script and had to be handed in), but I don’t really see the unfairness of it. The whole purpose of a test is to judge how much you learn, not how well you do tests.

And the whole purpose of an answer script is to aid the examiner marking the scripts. If it is impossible for the examiner to know what answer I gave for the questions – that’s one thing. But if she knows I know the answer but still refuses to acknowledge it, it clearly shows how pointless the test was as a marker of how much I’ve learned.

So, alas, I got a B in that course. I would have gotten a higher grade if not for the midterms. Considering this prof doesn’t curve, it means I did pretty damn well for the rest of the components, which just makes it all the worse.

In other grading news, I got a B+ for Democracy. Considering how badly I screwed up my first term paper (he had two term papers) and midterm, it was above and beyond what I thought I would get. Which meant I kicked ass in my finals and second term paper. So I’m pretty happy with that one. It offset-ted RMSS unhappiness. Like RMSS, he doesn’t seem to grade on a curve either.

So it was not bad for my first essay-intensive course.

But the ship has sailed for skipping Economics or SMU or shit like that. Looks like Lagrandians would be my new best friend for the next two-and-a-half years.

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