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I think, just non-Malaysian. When I moved out, the things that kept me firmly Malaysian was 1) the food, 2) the friends and 3) the huge capacity Malaysia has if it takes the right reforms. Focus in on (2): I’ve noticed that my close friends in KL have moved to become old friends, while I gain really close friends in Singapore.

It’s quite sad, but it is impossible for me to pick off from where you left.

And as I grow older and more pessimistic, while Malaysia has so much untapped potential that could easily make Malaysia by far one of Asia’s most important economies, I don’t think that would ever happen anytime soon. Coupled with the fact that I face persistent discrimination back home, my roots seem to be shriveling up.

So the only thing that seems to keep me Malaysian is the food. God help Malaysia should I decide to move to somewhere with better food – like Thailand or Mexico. It seems strange my entire national identity seems to be based around food though. But alas, the food is that bad in Singapore.



  1. Ah…it’s starting to happen 🙂 My classmate used to say quite passionately how he will return to Malaysia after graduation – 18 years later he is still in Singapore. Sorry to hear about the exams though.

  2. I don’t blame you if that happen, but as a Malaysian who work here in’s all the same, any country you go or any citizen you choose, nothing can really satisfied your will. To see of how successful life of this country I work and how good the economy growth each year..but it’s not really of what people see or hear, it’s all the comestic injection which blind all eyes. To see how stress the people live, how pressure the life competition here, make you think that it is better to feel the pain at your own house..coz atleast you can still have space to breath, space to talk, space to raise your concern, space for everything…don’t ever think you can do it here, not at all. Nothing wrong to work or live at any country, 5 years or 18 years, even 50 years, there is nothing wrong there…but for me once you Malaysian, then it’s always Malaysian, even though my country is worst of worst, but this citizen is I stand for, and I wont regret of it. But I agree with you…the food here is not really that amazing to talk of, and don’t even think also you will have any close friend nor old friend, it’s not like the older day…..

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