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It’s over! Wooh!

My life sucks. Progress for this fortnight:

19 November: Microeconomics: report
19 November: Globalisation: term paper
20 November: Research methods: term paper (well, almost anyway)
22 November: Democracy: term paper 2
26 November: Research methods: finals
26 November: Microeconomics: finals
28 November: Macroeconomics: finals
29 November: Democracy: finals
29 November: Globalisation: finals

This close, just this close, to insanity.

Update, 19/11: Damn suay

Update, 20/11: Jialat. Have to pia one more term paper, and then will try to chiong for my finals. Heng. (Yes, my Hokkien comes out when I’m stress)

Update, 21/11: Funny announcement in the library when it turned 12:10am – not the annoying “Level 5 is close” shit. “May I have your attention. We are celebrating Samuel Chan’s birthday. Let us all sing a song for him. [random people singing] Thank you for your attention”.

Damn loser.

Update, 23/11: Gosh, one more week to KL! Yay! (One more week of pure, incessant torture, sure, but look at you. So negative).

Update, 25/11: It’s the final countdown!

Update I, 26/11: Not going to discuss it, but one down, four more to go! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts… Ohh, cute… *ka-bloom*

Update II, 26/11: Happy thoughts. I’ve decided that I’m not even going to bother checking my results when the grades are released. If I did that badly, I’ll find out when they put me on academic probation.

Update, 28/11: It’s like an entire weight lifted off my shoulders. 26 more hours to freedom! I can already smell the smog and the remnants of tear gas of KL!

Update, 29/11: Must chiong, must chiong…. Just one more paper… the end is nigh… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or speeding train, not too sure.

Update, 30/11: It’s over. Never been more relieved. Crashed and burn on my last test. But who cares. God, I’m not made for this country.

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  1. Lol, Singapore has always been a pressure-cooker society. I don’t have what it takes to live in their ultra-kiasu-ist society as well mate 🙂

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