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Pak Lah gripes:

Saturday’s street protest in Kuala Lumpur was an attempt to drag the royalty into opposition politics, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The Prime Minister said the illegal gathering of thousands of people that ended with a memorandum being handed over to an Istana Negara official was an attempt by the opposition to “trap” the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

They were kinda asking for democracy and free elections, not tax cuts or industrial policies.

Update: It’s all legit, according to the Malaysian Commission of UMNO Rights, SUHAKAM:

It said no illegal arrests were made and police reacted only when they were challenged physically during the protest.

Human Rights Commissioner Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam said the police only moved to quell the protests when the crowd got rowdy.

The footage you saw on Aljazeera, where the police started getting wild on peaceful protesters? An elaborate doctored scene! Lovely what CGI can do this days. But SUHAKAM has a solution:

The system calls for peaceful demonstrations to be held in open areas, far from urbanised zones and the organisers have to ensure that the law is not breached.

What a lovely compromise. I’m sure protests would be so effective in some hick-billy village in rural, southern Kelantan. No weekend traffic to block. Funny, if they cared so much about traffic, why all the road blocks?


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