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Right on cue, it’s the time of the term where I wonder why I exist. Meanwhile, I have a couple of weak subjects which I spend most of my waking hours on. Of course, they remain as fucked up as ever, but now my stronger subjects gets reasonably screwed up as well.

Which is funny, because I want to ditch economics, but can’t because my grade is too low. It’s like a vicious cycle.

In other news, I’m turning alcoholic. I blame Jason Ong.

Also, I’m horribly homesick especially after Deepavali. But, but, I found this place near my sucky house that serves “KL-style” wan tan mee. Yeah, it’s mediocre by KL standards, but it’s eons ahead of Singaporean wan tan mee.



  1. Hang in there. Have you tried this before: Parklane Zha Yun Tun Mee House
    #01-53, Sunshine Plaza
    91 Bencoolen Street
    Singapore 189652

    It’s not great but better than the perversion served with ketchup that’s featured in the Straits Times.

  2. Haha, Parklane’s aight, but still Singaporean. The bit is that Singaporean wan tan mee seem to use a starchy, pre-mixed brown sauce – very un-KL-like. Banquet’s wan tan mee is more KL-like (and IMHO, better tasting, even considering the chicken char siew and horrible, horrible wan tan)

    Interesting blog you have there. Evil, but interesting. (Hey, encouraging Malaysian kids to come over to Singapore is evil. Evil.)

  3. yes, KL people cant seem to let go of their black sauce (wanton mee, hokkien mee). Stay long enough on this island and your taste buds will get dulled.

    thanks for nice words (I think) on my blog. In the long run, coming to Spore is good for the individual but bad for Msia. But I figured it is better than doing forestry in UPM.

  4. Yeah, but it is a bit of a false dichotomy there – either Singapore or some crap place in local universities. I personally regretted coming to Singapore; if I stayed and did some twinning program, I probably would have learned as much, if not more. And a bit more sane.

  5. oh I am sorry to hear you feel that way. Just a few thoughts: (1) you might feel differently five years from now when you are working (hopefully!); (2) are there any good twinning programmes in econs or biz ad? (I am always curious); and (3) my own sense is that the job market in Spore now is pretty good as compared to Msia (but all that may change with the sub-prime market hanging over everyone’s heads). And the pay is much better.

  6. (1) Perhaps.
    (2) Economics, yes. I wanted to do the LSE external program with Economics. The bit is that it would be that if I found out that I hated Economics (I now know), it would be easier to change.
    (3) True, but it is not as if it is hard to find a job in Singapore with an Australian or a English. It would be a whole lot better too, my options would not be limited to just Singapore for the first three years of graduate life.

    The pay is much higher in, say, Luxembourg. So had I studied in Malaysia, there is still a chance for me to get a job somewhere else like Luxembourg (or Switzerland or Australia or the like).

    And for me, the pay doesn’t really matter. As long as I can afford a comfortable life, it’s enough for me. I rather work in a less stressful environment in Malaysia and perhaps have less to spend on branded clothes, eat less out, or deal with something less than a Plasma TV, than to work in Singapore in such a stressful environment.

    I don’t begrudge others who see Singapore as the much better choice. I just feel I made a huge mistake.

  7. yeah – some people never get used to living here. I hope things get better for you! hang in there – it’s one more year before you graduate right?

    re working in Europe or Australia – getting a work permit there is a bitch.

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