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  • Read How Starbucks Saved My Life (Michael Gates Gill) – quite nice book. Flashbacks annoyingly long, though, and overwhelming amount of Starbucks speak make it sound like a Starbucks promotional book. But still, it prompted a trip down memory lane (I worked in Starbucks before).
  • Watched “The Maid” (Mediacorp/Rain Tree). Very well done, with few annoying moments. SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER Parts of the story made no sense (like the Indonesian maid that started running and jumping to her death), and the fact that the narrator was the ghost not the maid wasn’t that clear: seemingly, I’m the only one that caught on. Highly recommended, not particularly scary.Pseudo-horror, even.
  • Watched “Superman Doomsday”. Better than that Hollywood flick that came out. Wait, that’s pure speculation: never bothered watching that said Hollywood flick.
  • Watched “The Lakehouse”. Thought it was supposed to be horror movie, instead a time-wrapping romantic comedy. No explanation of how the letters got between two years though, and the supposedly letter-writing conversation doesn’t seem like letters. But a sweet movie, a good recommendation from me.

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