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  • Happy Eid! This year I been to two Ramadhan bazaars – double that of last year!
  • I could have gone to more when I was back in KL last weekend till Wednesday, but I contracted the flu. It’s almost as if Allah smite me. Either that, or chronic, prolonged sleep deprivation.
  • The wireless card I had broke. To pieces. I bought one at Sim Lim today (err, yesterday), but because I could only afford something below S$50, I got some Taiwanese shit. It gives Windows XP a nice, retro Blue Screen of Death every time I slot it in my PC card drive.
  • The sparse blogging would slowly turn non-existent. But tomorrow, I have to deal with some T-Shirt shit instead of studying for the two hard, hard midterms or cracking my head over a term paper whose draft is due next week.
  • That term paper – I don’t have a single clue what to write. So far, I wrote my name, my professor’s name, the title and the question. I’m so proud of myself.
  • Someone was asking me how to apply to SMU (NUS and NTU) in KL. I was trying hard not to scream out in tears, “NOOOOO, save yourself!” while seeming diplomatic and truly enjoying my time in SMU.
  • I’m also trying to figure out how to say, “You’re not smart enough for Singapore. Trust me,” without sounding smug.
  • Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned. Last Tuesday for my grandmother’s memorial – and questions like, “How’s Singapore?” (Singapore’s doing alright) and, “Why did you go to Singapore?” (Oh, the wonderful opportunity. Plus, I learnt a lot) and the classic, “Economics and political science? Got jobs meh?” (Yes, so much of jobs. One of my seniors even came out with a S$12,000 starting pay job. The rest made it with a mere $11,500 starting pay).

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