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Just as I get assigned more readings from my professor, I read this:

SINGAPORE, Aug 29 (Bernama) — Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife will visit Kuala Lumpur from Thursday until Friday to attend Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka Day celebrations.

He’s not even Malaysian! Fine, I’m not usually that patriotic. But as my latest column says, I’m a sucker for nice-number events. Like my 21st birthday. Y2K. Stuff like that. I could go to JB except that 1) nobody wants to go with me (as if, “I didn’t bring my passport” is a good excuse) and 2) the countdown’s in AEON Tebrau City.

Yeah, where? Huh? Couldn’t they just have it somewhere near the Causeway (e.g. walking distance)?

But back to the column, read. It’s fishy.


One Comment

  1. haiyo..
    he want to do let him do la…
    im in australia… i celebrated australia day recently…
    lol. if i prime minister suddenly cannot meh?

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