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I successfully managed to cajole and rationalize myself into not caring about the 50th Merdeka. I never actually did. If I were still living in KL, I’ll look forward to it largely for the public holiday that entails.

The thing is that for the past two years, I experience the Singapore National Day, and I though, hey, why don’t I feel this way about Malaysia. I sure as hell love Malaysia far more than Singapore. Just that Malaysians – or at least the online kind – tend to prefer to write editorials proclaiming where Malaysia has gone wrong in 50 years.

Malaysia is either too Islamic or not Islamic enough. It is too liberal, or completely conservative. It’s economic development is too fast paced or too slow/nonexistant. Malays have too much privileges or not enough rights.

But this is from me, before heading to my Internet-less home – Happy Merdeka. And I’ll drink down a nice Scotch in honour of our country.


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