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Prime Minister is in Brunei for a state visit while DPM Najib is on a two-week leave. Which brings me to ask, who’s taking orders from Khairy in the next two days?

(Interestingly, Najib and the wife is going overseas. So much for Cuti-cuti Malaysia-that stupid campaign geared in making Malaysians replace overseas holidays with local ones)


  1. Probably the most senior dumbass in the Cabinet. Semi Value, perhaps?

  2. Do they have it in the Perlembagaan? I thought these stuffs should be thought of, in case of holidaying, or emergency…

  3. It happened in the past, at least twice. With a PM that rather be holidaying in Venezuela during the Johor flood instead of coming home, I think we could safely say the PM doesn’t give a shit.

  4. No, they don’t. Quite shocking – over 150 articles, almost that amount of amendments, and nobody thought of dealing with who the son-in-law gets to boss around if both the PM and his deputy go out of town.

  5. Heh. But the bit is that both trips were planned. They couldn’t hire a proper secretary that could say, “Hey, Najib, do you mind if I book that trip to [insert expensive location here Najib couldn’t possibly afford on a minister’s pay] two days later? Pak Lah’s out of town”

    Then again, he probably replied, “*bleep* no! Who cares about Brunei anyway?”

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