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Ou Yang Wen Feng hosted a “church service” in some hotel yesterday here in KL in the presence of his partner of four-and-a-half years. But I guess, when you start throwing out bits and pieces of the Bible that’s not up to your fancy, why stop at homosexuality?

Ou Yang divorced his wife and seeks to be “remarried”. Sure, Jesus condemned divorce (Mark 10:11… granted, it said, “another woman”). But, you bigots, don’t take whatever Jesus says literally.

And if homosexuality is a-okay in the eyes of God, surely living with a man for more than four years might grate on His stance regarding premarital sex (1 Corinthians 7:1-2… granted, again, it says women so only heteros are banned from premarital fun).

Likewise, the grandfather Bishop Parry divorced and “remarried”. Seems like a trend. The father of three, following Biblical parenting principles, is only in contact with one of his sons.

Update: MENJ:

But this incident does tell me a lot of things. On one hand, we have the hypocrisy of the Christians regarding their cherished “human rights” when they shout their outrage at the gay pastor for coming forth with his homosexuality and deny that person’s “human rights”.

Because fundamental to human rights is “freedom from criticism”? Dumbass.

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