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A few days ago, the prime minister announced that Malaysia is unique and crap like that, being neither secular or theocratic. Which beggars belief. Yes, Malaysia has civil law – but by that account, the Vatican itself isn’t theocratic. The constitution may be, in theory, supreme. But the constitution grant the Shariah courts no civil (read: constitutional) oversight.

Neither did it require the Islamic courts to be bounded by a secular constitution.

Court precedence suggest that if all 13 Islamic authorities decided to declare everyone a Muslim, the civil courts can do absolutely nothing.


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  1. Hahaha. Write that to Malaysiakini man, I would like to see what the religious authorities have to say about this.

    I guess you’ve just highlighted the paradox of Malaysia’s dual-court system. I feel that the Syariah Court should also be the subordinate of the Civil Courts. Only then will the secular Supreme Court, supposedly the highest court of the land be prevented from side-stepping religious issues and make solid rulings that will clear up this area once and for all.

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