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Just came back to Singapore this morning. Main reason? Masochism plays a large part, but the official reason is I thought I had a lot of packing to do (which turns out, I don’t). And for those out of the loop, I’m moving tomorrow to Prinsep St. Honestly, I rather not. I would be paying roughly $100 more for less freedom, less personal space and less facilities. Oh, and my new roomies? I’m supposed to be their residential senior. Whoopee-doo. I pity the poor sods.

I wish I could stay at my current place, but they’re selling it. Probably a guise to get me out. I saw huge bags of balloons, confetti, champagne and the works, along with the banner, “Woo hoo! He’s finally gone!” Though, for purposes of self-esteem, I shall assume it refers to him.

In other news, I wore red to church today. I wish I wore brown or black or shirtless… I had no intention whatsoever of showing patriotism. I’m not even Singaporean. If I return to KL this week, the main reason is probably to avoid the entire National Day affair here. But alas, with no more daily rent, it’s cheaper to stay in Singapore than to commute up and down.



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