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Former Selangor DAP chief joins PPP, the misunderstood, unloved component party of the ruling Barisan National coalition. Ong Chee Keng first fell in love with PPP’s erratic leader Kavyeas while competing against him in the Taiping, Perak seat (yes, Chee Keng was competing in a Perak seat despite being the party chief in Selangor).

And with 300 new members from DAP, the largest opposition party in power, the size of the misunderstood party probably doubled.


One Comment

  1. PPP is a joke. And Kavyeas is an even bigger one. You wanna know why BN keeps it? Same reason as why BN keeps Gerakan. It’s so that it can play off PPP with MIC against each other whenever the Indians in BN starts making trouble. Ditto with the Chinese ala Gerakan and MCA.

    We must applaud BN I guess. At least they’re good at one thing: adopting the British’s tactics of divide and control to control their underlings.


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