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Apparently, ASEAN finally agreed that it would set up a human rights commission (they just stared viscously at Myanmar and they quickly came to a consensus). They just have yet to agree on what that commission would look like. Word has it the most popular proposal is a lone man wagging his finger in a dark room.

Myanmar apparently offers to supply the dark room.



  1. I’ve heard they’ll be stationing the headquarters in the Philippines, possibly somewhere on Mindanao near reported MILF bases. A location within the vicinity of an NPA base is also under consideration.

    Although the Philippines has surprisingly strongly rejected these proposals, as a backup, Malaysia has offered to build a USD5 billion headquarters in Johor. Prodded on claims that the crime-ridden Iskandar Development Region would be an unsafe place to house the headquarters, Singapore’s Minister Mentor offered to provide the forces to enact what he called a “free speech zone” around the proposed site.

    There remains no word on what business will be transacted within the headquarters, although it is possible that the commission may actually consist of two (and not one, as earlier reported) men – one wagging his finger, and the other drafting strongly worded letters of protest to ASEAN members who violate human rights. The new Secretary-General refused to comment on the feasibility of imposing such a work load on one man.

  2. lol… nice 😀

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