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The North Corridor Economic Region was launched yesterday, and one of the key features is specialization–Perlis gets to tinker with nature, Kedah and Perak grow those little seeds and Penang distributes them all around the world. Fun, except this are random allocations by our Dear Leader, having nothing to do with each state and region’s comparative advantage.

And that’s the bit about government-led regional development. What looks good in the press isn’t necessarily what’s best. Penang may well be suited for shipping out those super rice just like it is possible for it to be more efficient and cheaper to truck it down to Klang and Sepang, and ship or fly it off from there.

And to things like the government peevish liking of Perlis (it’s a Dutch diamond, you know), we are promised that in three short years we can see the fruits of NCER. Like big signs all over Butterworth and Kangar proclaiming NCER projects, like they do now in JB (within Malaysia’s first economic region).


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  1. Ah, the beauty of central planning. I’m so glad we aren’t living in the dark ages of tyranny and socialism we would surely be under if we had let the MCP take over Malaya, or God forbid, Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP/MSC. Heaven knows we could do without the ridiculous ideas of these tyrants – our beautiful market system works best.

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