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I’m bidding for subjects, and while I think that’s a whole lot better than first-come-first-serve (think NTU), or random allocation (like public universities all throughout Malaysia) – SMU’s system is still quite frustrating. While it claims to emulate a market, it, well, doesn’t.

In a market, well, you what price you have to pay. You don’t walk into a shop to buy some milk and have to guess at the counter with 3000 other buyers (who may or may not buy milk) how much your milk should cost. Though, if you have all the money in the world, you wouldn’t mind forking out $50 for a carton, eh?



  1. First, the police really need to go after Garywbush instead of people like Nat and RPK.

    Second, I wonder what would happen if each student were allocated credits they could trade with other students, and then use those credits to bid for different classes, with each class being priced differently in accordance with supply/demand?

  2. hahaha!!! guessing the “price” of the module with 3000 people indeed.

    well i like the first-come-first-serve thingy we have, thankyouverymuch. it’s just the dubious ways they allocate the unrestricted electives that bugs me.

  3. johnleemk: Ohh, bad idea. Firstly, universities all around the world at least claim to care about the unfortunately poor. Allowing points to be traded would open the door for such points to be traded for money. Money meaning rich kids get good profs and good classes.

  4. Oh, there’s supposed to be a secondly, somewhere.

    lyn: Actually, I found out that SMU has 4,500+ undergrads, so it’s marginally worse. But, I think I would be horribly stressed out with a first-come-first-serve system… Especially that ADM system getting students to sign on to profs. A bit – just a bit – discriminatory to students that don’t happen to live in Singapore.

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