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Lee Kuan Yew, while promising equal attention to both Malaysia and Indonesia (like any other parent with more than one child), compares (like, again, any other Asian parent) Malaysia with Indonesia. And our special economic zone comes out tops:

Mr Lee said the republic would give both sides equal attention. But he believes Malaysia has the edge in developing its Iskandar Development Region, or IDR, because of its political structure.

And by political structure, he meant Pak Lah’s ability in pushing Iskandar Development Region without anything resembling a debate. Meanwhile, Harry gives tips on becoming a good politician:

“Without trust in a leader, in a person’s judgment, you cannot be the leader. But the key to my continued winning of elections, was that they realised I was not, what they call today, spinning the story. What I said, I meant, and what I promised, I would do my best to deliver,” said Mr Lee. 

That, and Harry’s lovable party threatens them to withhold stuff like the estate upgrading their taxes fund, takes gerrymandering to greater heights and sues anyone for defamation who dares utters Dear Leader’s name. He also suggests:

The Minister Mentor said this is possible, starting with selected cities – a path that China took.

“Start recruiting, phase by phase, a bureaucracy based on merit and paid on merit, so that [there is] no more KKN. That’s the first thing you must have. Then you create a completely new system. And I think that can be done within 10 years,” said Mr Lee. 

China is a one-party dictatorial state with no general discourse for national policies, employing draconian measures unthinkable in Southeast Asia’s most democratic state – like internal passports. Of course, Papa Lee may well like China for precisely that reason.


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