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£15,000 cars going for £30, wide screen TV’s for £20 in the Grand Zimbabwe Sale, as the government enforces price cuts and official exchange rates. The effect?

Economists say the price cuts will only deepen the national crisis, leaving many shops bare because they will not be able to afford to restock while official retail prices remain lower than the cost of buying wholesale or importing. Mr Mugabe has dismissed such warnings as “bookish economics”.

If you missed the sale, it was the everything-must-go closing down kinda sale.



  1. hi, my name’s cheryl tan.

    did you leave a comment on my blog yesterday or today?

    if not, could you email me sometime soon? it would seem that you’ve been impersonated, a bit nastily.

    thanks 🙂

  2. Haha, a fire sale, eh? Oh, Zimbabwe and your hilarious economy…

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