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A survey showed that most Malaysians think the “angkasawan” project is a bunch of bull. The project involves sending some chap into space; some “free gift” from the Russians from weapons sale. Of course, program director Col. Dr. Something or the Other could not be more displeased.

“Our objective is to uncover monumental findings in the field of science and many countries, the United States and Russia included, are eager to see the results of our experiments,” he told a press conference on Tuesday.

Maybe we could let the Americans and Russians pay for it then. But the, again, the Russians and Americans won’t be able to come up with such “cool” experiments like spinning a top.

He added that the study of an object’s physics in space, such as a spinning top (the source of the public’s mockery on the experiment) was not to be misunderstood.

He said such experiments would help significantly in attracting the young to take notice of the world of science.

“We want them to think of science as a “cool” thing. Such experiments in space are easier to relate to children and help them learn about physics and science simply because it intrigues them.

So cool, even the Ecuadorians are into it. Just wish they chip in a bit.


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