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Sometime before moving to Singapore, I decided that I looked alright and the cost-benefit was too steep to lose weight and then look gorgeous. Thus, those fat jokes? Heh, funny, not cutting. But then moving to Singapore and getting used to it change my perspective somewhat.

You see, food in Singapore? Like cardboard. So when lacking good food, the finer things in life becomes far more important. Like sanity.

So when you struggle to finish a term paper because of extreme lethargy, that’s a drop in sanity levels. Feeling exhausted just halfway through a day? Another drop *plop*. I’m in a state of unhealthy-fulness, and it’s messing around with my daily life.

Yes, I can give up unhealthy food – something I can’t possibly do right now in Malaysia (remember, sanity?). Which brings me to my other sanity-preserving task plan – stop commuting between Malaysia and Singapore. Next term onwards, I’m coming back once a term, and staying put. If I return to Singapore, I stay put, even if there is four to five days gap of nothing-to-do.

So the combined action of lack of good food, the unwillingness to travel for good food and the need to get healthy to preserve sanity, I decided to, bleh, go on a fitness program. Which is a stark departure from previous attempts, which involves me trying to be a underwear model, failing just after realizing I much rather be enjoying roti kaya and teh o ais (there’s a bunch of research papers dealing with utility and instant gratification – look it up).

Underwear model, at this point, is an additional benefit – something extra that would be nice. A thoughtful free gift. Keeping the sniffles away for most of the time? The goal. So while underwear model body would take years to come, the benefit of good health is within easy grasps – solving the whole instant gratification puzzle.

And if you have already read this far, I need *your* help: suggest a fitness program. Adding supplements and changing to brown rice isn’t much – would not solve things like sloth-like stamina, slightly high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.



  1. Underwear model? Right…

    Anyway I wholeheartedly agree with you. Sound body, sound mind. Go get a pair of Asics and start running. Running, coupled with cutting down carbo intake is the best method!

    Cos, to be honest, you really tired too easily on the shoot.=P

  2. Email me – got something to discuss

  3. Rajan, try a high fiber diet. You need to detox first. That might ease the high blood pressure and diabetes. You don’t want waste to accumulate in your colon, that blocks receptors in stomach, the colon and blood vessels. You need to absorb glucose from the blood effectively, and a clogged one cause blood pressure to rise. Failing to absorb glucose from the blood stream causes type 2 diabetes.

    Take it easy. Eating more vegetables is a good start.

  4. Oh you might want to cut down on meat because the body need protein the least, and cut down on carbo too. Eat lots of wholegrain, fiber, fruits, and drink lots of water.

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