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Rarely, heck ever, do I ever have a productive holiday. This summer, I went for an international competition (where I lost parts of my sanity, phone and a huge-ass pencil case with everything from pendrives to erasers), joined this video project, and learn an assortment of research stuff like proof reading and shifting through interview transcripts.

And I’m just a little over halfway done.

Anyway, back to the video, been procrastinating this for some time. This is the one I was heavily involved (writer, DOP, editor):

Essentially, the dude was focusing his life on something very temporal and out of his control. Something like how we focus on careers, families, studies – and all it needs is a bratty little sister to destroy it all.

This one was tiring:

Something about addiction. And how we can be addicted to anything (whether the wise psychologists think it is clinical addiction or not).

And this is the most morbid:

The shoes represent life. All the long, the broad had new shoes, but as she said, the current ones were “familiar, comfortable”. It takes some time to break into new shoes, but the initial discomfort is worth it.

Notice how they are all connected to one part of the body? The first- hands, the second – mouth, and the last – feet. It’s like a Sarawakian hand-foot-mouth disease. Enjoy.


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