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Concerned about the proper Islamic view on apostasy? Get the facts right and worry no more!

For a faith that makes it compulsory to greet one another with such a beautiful prayer, it is ironic to see it’s adherents be castigated and accused wrongly of being rigid and unrelenting by those who would not want to learn anything about the very faith they are waging war against!

Oh my, sure thing.

I understand that for folks who have been fed negative news and the wrong input over the years and media manipulation by certain elements of the press and print industry…

Yeah, that must be it. Can’t be that Muslims are threatening to stone converts to death because their Hadith told them so.

The problem with the world is that people will always swallow hook, line and sinker whatever anyone writes bashing Islam and the Muslims.

You mean, when those bashing wrongly claim Islam demands those exercising their freedom of thought be executed?

Islam with it’s teetotaler puritanical tenets and principles…

Cause we wouldn’t want a non-puritanical, unprincipled religion executing people…

I do feel that we who are Muslims need to do our part to help clear the air about what Islam’s stand is on this sensitive but very important matter.

Because the non-Muslim’s world perception — that Islam demands that they should be stoned — is wrong?

We who are Muslims believe in Allah the Most High as our Lord and Creator and have faith in Him.

So if they never believed…?

As a Muslim, I subscribe to what is in the Qur’an and the authentic Hadiths.

So on that basis of logic, it would be alright if we Christians execute former Christians that convert to Islam?

I dare say not one criminal amongst the Muslims here in Malaysia has ever been punished according to the Hadiths of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam since this nation became ‘independent’ from the British Colonial rule!

For good measure too; imagine handless politicians.

We pay more attention and squabble over the definitions of man made laws drawn up by the British Lord Reid than we do to the Supreme Constitution of Allah the Almighty!

So we non-Muslims, making up some 40% of the country, is suppose to ignore the man-made British constitution because of some supreme constitution by some god in some religion we don’t give a toss about?

If Muslims in Malaysia really feel strongly about living in their God’s law, take the next flight out to Saudi Arabia.

As for you who aren’t Muslims, please do not get worked up over this matter for your dear new found sister is not in any danger of having even a hair of hers harmed by the Syariah system we have here. No worries. Everything’s okay. That’s as far as the justice system here goes by.

Lina Joy lost her family, her liberty, her security, her freedom–but thankfully, not her hair. But sure thing; but don’t mind us opposing the Syariah then.


  1. Brother Rajan,
    I feel offended that you comment on my postings but do it here in your blog without being man enough to have the courtesy to let me know by doing it in mine.

    We have yet to know each other but I know about you from

    At least have the courtesy to come comment in my blog about MY POSTINGS.

    If this is the way you operate, shame on you sir!

  2. Am I not being man enough? Well, it depends. By your standards, well, I don’t exactly give a toss. But by general standards – there is no general expectation to leave a comment.

    So by your standards, the majority of blogs, including top ones like Instapundit and Daily Kos, are shameless, discourteous and, not “being man enough”. Thankfully, I don’t subscribe to your standards. I would have left a trackback if your blog supported it.

    If I did what I did to, as you imply, deliberately hide this post to you, don’t you think it is a little folly of me to post this in a public space accessible to you?

    Though, I must say it is interesting you attack me by some apparently faux pas without addressing my arguments.


  3. Assalam alaikum.

    You are very rude to Zainol who is a very decent Muslim! I’ve met Zainol personally, and though I am a Christian, I find him to be a living example of prophet Muhammad.

    I suggest you apologise to him as soon as possible.

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