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So Starhub called earlier, demanding I pay them the full bill or else. Besides the fact that I’m technically less than two months overdue, the main reason why I’m not paying is because, well, last month they billed me a ridiculous S$130 (from an average of S$40/month; and mind you, I was out of Singapore half that month).

And they’re placing all the burden of proof that I didn’t make random 20min calls to 1900 numbers at 4am in the morning on me. So now, I have three choices – fight, flight or give in. I’m thinking more of the second one; I really have no energy to fight Starhub anymore. They have the resources to investigate this, but instead they pushed that responsibility to me.

Honestly, if this is top-notch customer service from a telco, I shudder thinking of how bad the other two telcos are. But, Starhub, you have either one year more of my services, or none at all (I’ll just skip contract, and let them have my deposit). You lost a customer.

Update: Just to clarify; all the excessive billing came from third-parties; Starhub could and should investigate them. None of them from roaming: being a Student Pass holder, Starhub and the other two telcos, SingTel and M1, see it fit that I never will have roaming.


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  1. Poor bastard….

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