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A litany of stupid analogies to justify, uhm… killing apostates.



  1. Point noted you want to expose the lies. While that is good, the linking to menj’s page however gives his blog more advertising in my opinion. However, at the same time, the exposure of his blog to the wider audience also reveals that radical muslims are very much alive and kicking in Malaysia.

    If you ask me, after seeing what was in menj’s blog, he sounds like a lunatic who gets oiled and thrives on hatred and violence – all stemmed from the root which is islam.

    In pointing this out, I am stating I bear no discrimination to Arabs because the misconception is that an Arab IS a muslim. Apart from Christian Arabs out there, we will see in these last days, many of the seed of Ishmael end up glorying G-d. Bondages will be broken, veil will be lifted from their eyes. All for His purpose, glory and namesake.

  2. MENJ … Gets orgasmic with keyboards…

  3. servant: I don’t think MENJ depends on me for publicity. If he does, he is in a sadder state than I imagined.

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